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With the label editor of the label software LP5 you can design, design and edit your labels individually - label design made easy. Thanks to the clear design of the user interface of the label software, which can also be adapted to personal needs, the operation of LabelsPlatform 5 is simple and intuitive. LP5 label editor offers far more functions than a conventional label designer.

All the necessary information is always available and nothing stands in the way of simple and efficient label creation.

After starting the editor of the label software LP5, the label editor presents itself with an open empty label. All toolbar arrangements from the last session are restored. The user can now edit and save the new label immediately, or load an existing label.

If label printers are already set up in LP5, LP5 establishes the connection to these printers immediately after starting, with the appropriate settings the printer status is now also continuously read and displayed in LP5.


The user now has the following controls to operate the program:

  • Title bar with quick access symbols

  • Menu / ribbon bar

  • Rulers

  • Layout editing area

  • Status bar with integrated zoom

  • Dockable lists of fields, variables, printers and properties


Well-known label printers are native, without Windows drivers and therefore extremely efficient  controlled.

Windows drivers are used for office printing systems. 

Each printer can have individual settings within a label layout. Multiple printer-related creation of labels is therefore not necessary.

Each object is kept in a field list. They can be divided into groups and levels, shown and hidden, moved in the order by drag and drop, fixed and defined, for example, as "not printable".

You only know these design tools from DTP and professional graphics applications - not from conventional label designers.

Label design label editor

The properties of a selected object such as label layout, text, barcode, line, graphic and other elements are clearly shown in a list. They can also be edited here directly in the label editor.

The variables bring the label to life.

Depending on the corresponding LP5 version  (ECO / STAR / PREMIUM) numerous automatisms are available here. These range from individual internal or external variables to intelligent formulas.

All variables can be yours depending on one another
Complete requirements.



The menu item "Edit" of the label software LP5 enables access to all functions for editing layout fields.

Edit labels

Screenshot of the menu item "Edit" of the label software Labelsplatform 5

The following functions can be found in the label editor menu Edit:

  • Copy
    Copies fields from the label to the clipboard

  • Insert
    Pastes fields from the clipboard onto the label

  • cut out
    Deletes fields from the label and transfers them to the clipboard

  • Duplicate
    Copies the selected fields to the clipboard and inserts them again immediately

  • Extinguish
    Deletes fields from the label

  • Select everything
    Selects all fields of the label

  • Select next / previous field
    Selects the next / previous field on the label

  • Transfer properties field
    Transfers properties from one field to another

  • Rotate fields
    Rotates fields in 90 ° steps

  • Align fields
    Aligns fields with each other

  • Snap fields into place
    Activates / deactivates the automatic field snapping

  • Undone
    Undoes the last editing operation


The "Fields" menu is used to change the mode for creating / manipulating label fields.

Design labels

Screenshot of the menu item "Fields" of the label software Labelsplatform 5

The following functions can be found in the Fields menu:

  • Zone
    Continuous text block / complete block / test zone / conical deformation

  • line
    Horizontal / vertical lines or lines at any angle

  • cross
    Easy cross-shape creation at any angle

  • rectangle
    As a border or filled or to define inverted areas

  • ellipse
    Circles and elliptical shapes as borders or filled

  • graphic
    Embedded or linked graphics / logos, dozen of graphic formats available

  • code
    All common 1D and 2D code types, e.g. 2D data matrix (also rectangular), QR code, Code 128, GS1-128, EAN13, etc.

  • text
    Single line / multiline / continuous text / block text / table text

  • OLE object
    Representations inserted by other Windows applications (Excel, Word, etc.)

  • Special text
    Tilted or curved texts as well as specially formatted texts 



Label variables

The "Variables" menu is used to create / manipulate label variables.

Label variables

Screenshot of the menu item "Variables" of the label software Labelsplatform 5

The following functions can be found in the Variables menu:

  • Constant
    Creates a variable of the type "constant" to define fixed default values

  • input
    Defines an input variable, the value of which must be entered by the user before printing

  • External
    External variables are used to transfer data from other LP5 programs (e.g. Commander)

  • formula
    A variety of data manipulations can be carried out using formula variables

  • Time date
    Formatted time / dates

  • counter
    Definition of counting functions (1,2,3, ...)

  • printer
    Use of special printer-internal functions (depending on the printer type)

  • file
    Reading of file contents (CSV, XML, INI, ...)

  • Tabel
    Access to complete database tables

  • Database
    Access to individual database fields

  • List GHS
    Definition of lists / GHS texts

  • Marker allergen
    Simple marking of terms in text fields

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