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Installation of Labels Platform 5 (LP5)

LP5 is installed using the setup program (LP5-Setup.exe) on the enclosed b + b USB stick or the online setup from

The associated serial number must be entered and saved once using the serial number tool. The request to enter the serial number occurs automatically when the LP5 editor is started.


Activation via USB dongle:

Please install the software first before inserting the USB dongle.

The full use of LP5 is only possible with an attached USB dongle.


Activation via computer ID (CID):

If you have purchased a pure CID license, you must inform your b + b support partner of the CID of the PC on which the LP5 software is to be activated.

You can get the CID by clicking on "Get Computer ID" in the LP5 Serial Number Tool.

LP5 Serial number Tool
LP5 Computer-ID

Activation via LP5 license server

The license server can be used if all LP5 PCs are connected via a network. TCP / IP is a prerequisite for the network transport protocol. The advantage of the license server version is that the licenses are only managed on one computer / server. All other computers inquire via the LP5 client server whether a license is available for use.

After the LP5 installation, the LP5 Editor has to be started in order to enter the serial number.

Then the LP5 license server can be started.


The standard start is in application mode, ie as long as the application is started, the licenses are available in the network. The license server can also be operated as a service. In service mode, the license server program does not have to be started to release the licenses in the network, so that the licenses are available in the network even if the Windows user is not logged on. In both cases (application mode or service mode) the license server program shows how many licenses are available and which users are currently using a license.

LP5 License Server

Note: If you have acquired more than one license server serial number (e.g. a serial number to activate four STAR licenses and a serial number to activate two PREMIUM licenses), all serial numbers must be entered using the "Licenses" button. If you only have one serial number, it does not have to be stored in the list, as it is then automatically active.

LP5 License Client

LP5 must also be installed on all client computers (with the "License Client" option activated). The serial number supplied with the license server must be entered as the serial number (or, in the case of several licenses, the serial number that is to be used on this PC).


To start the LP5 software on the client computers, the LP5 license client must be started beforehand. It is possible to specify in the license client program that further LP5 applications (e.g. the editor) should be started automatically together with the client.


When using the dongle client for the first time, the IP address of the license server PC must be entered. During the subsequent starts, the license client will immediately be shown reduced in size in the system tray. A green symbol indicates the availability of the license, a red symbol means that no license is available.


Important: If a firewall is used in the network, TCP telegrams must be enabled on port 40097, otherwise communication between the license server and license clients is not possible.

LP5 spool server:

When using the LP5 spool server (several LP5 workstations share bi-directionally controlled printers) the following ports are required:

UDP telegrams on port: 40094

TCP telegrams on port: 40095

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