Special customer requirements often require individual solutions, with surfaces and processes adapted to the operators. With the LP4 CommanderEditor you can design your own application.

All operating elements are freely positionable and can be configured in appearance (colors, fonts, frames) and function. Flexible parameterizable actions make versatile data and process connections possible, be it an automatic print start on receipt of new ERP job data, the integration of scanner and scale data or communication with external systems via OPC interface.


All these functions are available in the LP4 CommanderEditor at the click of a mouse without any knowledge of any programming language.



LP4 Commander - Pallet Line Control (application description):

Pallets that come asynchronously from different production lines are marked on a label printing and dispensing system. As proof of pallet origin, industrial hardware signals 24Volt are provided. 


The program accesses a database in which the products are stored. The connection to the database is made via ODBC drivers. For each production line, the currently running product can be selected here and assigned to the corresponding line.

When the automation is started, the program monitors signals that are made available either via an OPC client/server connection to the machine controller or from a Web I/O.

If the pallet origin signal is detected together with a start signal, the LP4 Commander generates the stored label layout with the product data and sends this as a print job to the pallet labeller.

LP4 Commander - Labelcenter 2019 (application description):

Within every company with incoming and outgoing goods, there are various labelling and marking tasks to be performed before the articles enter or leave the warehouse. This LP4 Commander was developed in order to carry out this and other labelling tasks sensibly and with uniform print data and label layouts. Part of the solution is the connection to the customer's ERP system via ODBC drivers in order to access article data, production order data, serial numbers, open orders from suppliers and open sales orders.


In the menu, the operator decides which type of label (e.g. article or type plate label) he wants to print or which process he wants to go through. Optionally, an XML file can be made available to the ERP system when the label is created, for example, in order to add the articles from the order in the same operation as printing the goods receipt label.


Furthermore, this LP4 Commander is used to carry out the quality control in the incoming goods department and to log it with the user data (export as XML file). 


These bespoke production solutions so called LabelsPlatform4 AutomationCenter are individual, partly customer-specific, Windows applications in connection with LP4.


The focus is on the operator and the production processes. A simple, clear and informative user interface contrasts with complex connections, e.g. labelling system, barcode scanner, camera systems, ERP/SAP/AS400 system, weighing technology, logistics control and other programs.


LP4 AutomationCenter - Workordercenter 2019 (application description):

In the cockpit of the application, the operator gets an overview of the connected production lines. In addition to the line information, the overview also displays current information about the respective production order, its current status and other information such as batch number (upper part of the screen). 

As soon as a production line has been selected, details of the production order and the line as well as one or more print previews are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

From the overview screen, you can exit the production order activated on the currently selected line. Furthermore, the button "Order preparation" takes you to the production order overview to activate an open production order. The solution also includes line management and an article database.


As soon as the production order has been exported from the ERP system and imported from the LP4 Product Manager, it is available to the operator for distribution to the production line. The user can now select the appropriate production line. If the article including layout definition(s) is already known or configured in the article database, the operator already receives a print preview for the printing systems integrated on the selected line. Filter functions facilitate the search for the individual job number. From here, the print data is transferred to the printing systems configured on the line.

If the article contained in the production order is a previously unknown article or an article that has not yet been assigned a label layout(s), the operator receives a corresponding error message ("NO LABELLAYOUT AVAILABLE! - Please configure the article first").



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