Create your database and tables with the help of your DatabaseManager. Populate tables with your product data or link data from an existing database via an ODBC connection. Printing directly from the DatabaseManageris also possible. Data sets can be filtered and defined with specific user conditions.

You can define and set control fields, which use the conditions for the label print for each data set (name of layout, name of printer, print quantity, label index, print job information field).


lp4 DatabaseManager


The FormatManager is used to store labels and forms in label printers manufactured by Zebra and Intermec. This gives you the option of loading pre-defined label layouts which are stored directly on the printer so they can be used in a stand-alone application without the need for an LP4 connection.

Create the layouts within LP4 and directly control the printers with your system. No matter if it is ERP system, SPS, control computer or test computer - the FormatManager finds its connection.


lp4 FormatManager

Remote – the remote control of LP4

Intermec* and CAB print systems can serve as input terminals and directly retrieve label print jobs from LP4 remote application. Usually, the LP4 remote application runs on a central server and has alls the required access to the linked databases and label layouts. The label layout and/or product is selected directly at the printer without the need for time-consuming and expensive integration of PCs in the production area.

The LP4 remote application combines the requested data entered at the printer and sends it back as a label print file to the selected printer. All connected printers work in real time it ensure only that the most up-to-date information is always available "just in time".

*fingerprint based version


lp4 Remote

Commander / CommanderEditor

Special customer requirements often need individual solutions with customised interfaces and program specific sequences tailored to the operator. You can design, create and customise your own applications with the LP4 CommanderEditor. All control elements can be freely positioned and are configurable in all visual aspects (colour, font and frame) and also in their functionality.

Flexible, parameterised actions make multifunctional data and process connections possible. No matter if it is an automatic print start at receipt of new ERP-order data, integration of scanner, check weighing data or communication with external systems via OPC interface. All this is available in the CommanderEditor even if the user has no knowledge of a programming language.


lp4 Commander / CommanderEditor


The "individual" product solutions by LP4. ProductManager allows individual and partially customized Windows applications to be connected to Labels Platform 4. This enables operator and production processes to be prioritised. A simple, clearly-arranged as well as informative interface which has the ability to setup complex connections for example, labelling machines, barcode scanners, ERP/SAP/AS400-systems, weigh cells, etc.


lp4 ProductManager

Table- and GHS-Manager

The table- and GHS-Manager makes all chemical risk and safety phrases "R+S" available in 21 languages and all the new chemical hazard and precautionary phrases "H+P" in 23 languages. The creation of labels in the chemical industry poses a challenge to the design especially of the "R+S" and "H+P" phrases. The table- and GHS-Manager deals with this task and provides multilingual risk and safety phrases in extensive formatting. Furthermore, this manager can be used for combination of multilingual text lists.


LP4 Table- and GHS-Manager

Labels Platform 4 – ECO

The ECO version is the basic edition of Labels Platform 4 software and features a basic range of functions necessary for the creation of labels.



You can at any time upgrade to the standard version Labels Platform 4 - STAR.

Labels Platform 4 – STAR

The STAR version is the standard edition of Labels Platform 4 and includes a comprehensive set of functions.



Upgrading to Labels Platform 4 - PREMIUM is possible at all times.

Labels Platform 4 – PREMIUM

The PREMIUM version of Labels Platform 4 is the professional edition of the software and includes all functions and features of the other versions plus additional options for the control of auxiliary modules, which are:



Intermec Format Manager - For stand-alone printers

Zebra Format Manager - For stand-alone printers

Table- and GHS-Manager - R+S phrases in 21 / H+P phrases in 23 languages

Remote - Remote control of printers

Product Manager - The production solution

Commander - Customised production and control programs

Labels Platform 4 – Print Version

The Print Version is a print utility for labels created with the software editions ECO / STAR or PREMIUM.