User Interface

With a logical and intuitive user interface which can also be customized to personal requirements, it makes the operation of Labels Platform 4 easy to use. All necessary information is always at hand. The focus of attention lies on giving the user the ability to simply and efficiently create labels.



lp4 User Interface


Tools for the design:

With the toolbar to select the item text, barcode, graphic, line, circle, etc. exclusion zone is selected and placed in the label layout.


lp4 Toolbar

With the existing zoom bar, the label can be zoomed in and the optimum in the perfect size for editing.


lp4 zoom bar


All Industry recognised label printers are native to LP4 and interface without the need for additional Windows Drivers. For this reason LP4 transmits data as efficiently as possible. Office print systems use the Windows Driver. Individual label layouts can store specific setting relating to the printer such as darkness, print speed etc. As a result multiple printer-related settings for different labels are not necessary.


lp4 Printer

Object Table

The properties of a chosen object (label, text, barcode, line, graphics, etc.) are clearly structured in the relevant object table and can therefore also be specifically identified and edited.


lp4 Object Table

Object Field List

Every object is itemized in an object field list. Here, they can be divided into groups and levels, can be faded in or out, can be positioned and re-sized by drag’n’drop, can be fixed or defined as “not printable”, for example. Many of these design tools are normally only associated with professional graphic design applications.


lp4 Object Field List


Variables such as date, time, label count etc can give value added benefits over static label content. Automation capabilities are available dependent on the LP4 configuration (ECO/STAR/PREMIUM). In dependence to each other, these can carry out your requirements.


lp4 Variables